For Tamasha.  Emily Brontë’s tale of passion, jealousy and revenge is reset in the desert of Rajasthan.

Sheema Mukherjee composed two of the songs; I wrote the lyrics and the rest of the music. I greatly enjoyed working with Musical Supervisor and orchestrator John Rigby and with the incomparable Chandru of Bollywood Strings.

The first song below is at the end of act one. Shakuntala, in love with the wild Krishan but betrothed to the wealthy Vijay, runs out into a violent sandstorm. She sees an image of Krishan and sings to him, imagining that he answers her. But Vijay is there too and believes she sings to him.

The second is sung by Anita, Vijay's sister, who is desperately in love with the dangerous Krishan

The third song has Krishan bitterly tormenting Shakuntala about his marrying Anita.