The Wedding Dance


For Nitro. 

West Side Story meets Dangerous Liaisons, The Wedding Dance, is a passionate love story where the movement and energy of salsa drives the explosive action. Set in the intense, hot environment of salsa clubs and the sensual surroundings of life in Havana, The Wedding Dance is a seductive story of aspiration and betrayal.

Cuban immigrant José is a modern Don Giovanni and magnificent dancer.

Abandoning his plans to complete his medical studies and his promises to his wife and family Jose instead exploits his talent for teaching the most passionate dance of them all – salsa. Surrounded by women who want to be with him and men who want to be like him, becomes a serial seducer and betrayer.

At a dance competition José is approached by Miranda, a young bride-to-be. Choosing to shake off her unadventurous image by dancing salsa as the first dance at her wedding, she wants José to teach her to dance. Miranda’s virginal innocence is irresistible but tragically it is one seduction too far…

The Wedding Dance featured gloriously sexy salsa music from Alex Wilson. I co-directed this with Debra Michaels who also choreographed (see under 'Director').