It's a busy year, this 2015: I began in January writing and recording the music and making the sound design for an Australian Theatre For Young People (ATYP) production of Between Us, at their very neat Walsh Bay theatre. Followed this by some development of a new project in Brisbane -of which more later this year. Then a brilliant job directing a three-week workshop of Spirit of Things, by Nardi Simpson and Kaleena Briggs, the duo formerly known as Stiff Gins. After that I am at Blacktown Arts Centre to direct an adaptation of a beautiful and ancient Arabic love story, Leyli & Majnun, before flying back to England in May to direct and co-arrange for the fabulous Nitrovox with Allyson Devenish as Musical Director. I'm only there for 12 days as I've got to get back to Adelaide to compose and record the music for Crawl Me Blood by My Darling Patricia -  the live art/installation company...not a woman with whom I have a....never mind. And in July, I'll be re-directing last year's highly successful production of The Prophet at Bankstown. In August I direct my first opera: La Bohéme,  at the Sydney Dance Lounge, Walsh Bay. 

I might take a couple of weeks off after that.